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New Cryptocurrency. With Emoji Core!

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Fun and competitive for collectors and friends!

Collecting Emoji NFT, trading, and displaying your collection are all possible.


Crypto with built-in NFT!

Our chain was built to enable unique emoji with each transaction. We have created a NFT blockchain without the need for smart contracts. Staking rewards you with new emoji.

Your EMOC Desktop Wallet is similar to a checkbook's ledger. Emocoin's NFT are Non-fungible transactions.

For each checkbook transaction, you have: a check number, date, who/what received, payment reason, amount, and balance.

With EmoCoin we have many similar features, each transaction has: a number, date, Emoji Type and amount.

Each Transaction has an amount of our coin EMOC. And each Transaction has Emoji bound. There are 4 Emoji Slots to make up their TYPE.

What is "Emoji Type"? We have 4 slots that describe the type of Emoji bound to each transaction. If all 4 slots are the exact same emoji, then you have a type of "Pure" Emoji. If you have 3 slots of same emoji and 1 slot is a different emoji, you have a type of "Mixed" Emoji.

Here is a visual example of "PURE" emoji type: 😍 😍 😍 😍

Here is a visual example of "MIXED" emoji type: 😇 😇 🌋 😇

Here is an example on the transaction "ledger line" with the "PURE" emoji type:
Ledger Line

And here is an example of the transaction details:
Transaction Details

Do not be confused with the 4 slots of "Emoji" you see in your transaction. Remember, those 4 slots are what define the TYPE of emoji you have

You might ask: "How many emoji do I have?"

Do not be confused with the amount of EMOC and your Emoji. EMOC is both our crypto currency coin and representation of Emoji quantity.

This means, if you have a total balance of 2,212 EMOC - you have a total of 2,212 Emojis. This does not mean they are all the same, this does not mean you have all "Pure" or all "Mixed" Emojis. The transactions themselves show you the types of emoji.

For a more specific example, let us look at the following 3 transactions:
Three Transactions

These are all "PURE" emoji transactions. As you can see, each transaction has emoji with 4 of the same type. Since all 4 emoji are the same, they are "Pure Emoji NFT". The amount in EMOC represents how many of each of those "Pure Emoji NFT" you own.

Another way to look at this would be:

250 EMOC of Pure 😍

250 EMOC of Pure 🎺

250 EMOC of Pure 🍁

Now let us look at Mixed Emoji:
Mixed Imoji

In the above examples you have 250 EMOC each of the following Mixed Emoji NFT:

250 EMOC of Mixed 🚴🐖🚴🚴 (75% Bicycle person, 25% pig)

250 EMOC of Mixed ⏰⏰🐛🚴 (50% clock, 25% worm, 25% bicycle)

250 EMOC of Mixed ⏰🚴🐖⏰ (25% worm, 25% bicycle, 25% pig, 25% clock)

For many users Pure Emoji NFT are more valuable than Mixed. Other users might want specific Mixed emoji to tell an "Emoji story".

For example, take this very difficult story that was luckily mined:
Difficult Story to Mine

This could be a story of 2 people going out where the venue is 18+ years of age with bowling and alcohol. There are many more stories than Emoji. However, to mine or stake a story that makes sense is very difficult.

To send specific Emoji, you must select the transaction that contains that emoji you wish to send.

Example: John wants to have Surfer emoji. John does not have any Surfer emoji. John has 250 EMOC of Pig emoji Sally loves pigs. But Sally has 200 EMOC of Surfer emoji and no pigs!

John asks for Surfers. Sally sends a message to John asking for Pigs.

John and Sally agree to send each other emoji they want. John agrees to send 250 Pig emoji to Sally in exchange for 200 Surfer emoji.

John selects his transaction with "Pure Pig Emoji NFT" and sends all 250 EMOC (minus network fee) to Sally's receive address. And Sally has 2 transactions with 100 EMOC of Surfer emojis. Sally will select both transactions that have "Pure Surfer Emojo NFT" and sends them to John's receive address.

Sally would receive 250 EMOC of Pig emoji, minus any fees (249.799 EMOC after the transfer) John would receive 200 EMOC of Surfer emoji, minus any fees (199.799 EMOC after the transfer)

EMO Coin Specification

Chain Name: EmoCoin
Ticker: EMOC
Algorithm: Custom POS
Coin Block Reward: POW 18 EMOC
Emoji Block Reward: 1 Emoji
Stake Mining (POS): 100%
Block Time: 45s
Coin Supply: 64,000,000 EMOC
Premine: 1,000,000 EMOC
Dev Block Reward: 1 EMOC
Emoji Generations: 12
Estimated Generation time: 90 days


Q: What happens if I select multiple transactions of random emoji to send?

A: Be careful what you select to send! If you mix emoji our chain will select by EMOC weight and you can easily mix Pure Emoji into Mix. Generation is chosen from the oldest Emoji.

Q: Can I send the same emoji to myself?

A: Yes, however our Wallet will merge your emoji together for sending purposes. The only reason you might want to pay the network fee to send to yourself would be to deliberately mix your Emoji

Q: Can I send a mix of emoji to myself?

A: If you combine transactions of mixed emoji type, this is allowed, the result will be random based on EMOC weight. This means you can combine 2+ transactions of any emoji, however you might get a mix that you do not want - be careful with your emoji!

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Download MacOS Wallet:

(temp down) Emoc Wallet v1.4.3 MacOS

Download Linux Wallet:

Emoc Wallet v1.4.3 Linux
Emoc Headless Node v1.0.8.3 tar.gzip

Download Windows Wallet:

Emoc Wallet v1.4.3 Win10



Download bootstrap, extract and copy the EmocMain folder over your EmocMain.

After installing the wallet, come join us on our Discord for Airdrops and EMOC Giveaways!


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